CourtsOfHeaven.net has a growing ministry team that has tremendous impact. Whether ministering one-on-one or in conferences or workshops, each team member can stand on their own. They each are seasoned ministers of the Gospel and know how to cooperate with the Glory of God in the realms of Heaven.

Dr. Ron M. Horner
Executive Director

Dr. Ron Horner is an apostolic teacher specializing in understanding the operations of the Courts of Heaven, engaging Heaven, and the Heaven Down paradigm. He is the author of nearly twenty books on these subjects.

Donna Neeper
Executive Assistant

Donna serves as Dr. Ron's Executive Assistant and as administrator for our CourtsNet program. She is a prolific seer and lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma with her husband Lawrence.

Adina H. Horner

Adina Horner is Ron's wife and an accomplished pianist specializing in apostolic worship. She also is an accountant and serves the ministry as Chief Financial Officer. Currently she has several music collections available at www.adinasmelodies.com.

dh mugshot for coh.png
Darian Horner
Communications Specialist

Darian, the youngest daughter of Ron and Adina, serves in a variety of roles, but her specialty is graphic design work. She always has a long "to do list" thanks to her Dad.

Joyce Poupart
Senior Advocate

Joyce is a gifted seer and retired attorney who brings her insights to bear helping clients in Personal Advocacy sessions. She & her husband Ralph are wonderful Canadian friends of the ministry.

Robert Woeger
Digital Media Director

Robert comes to us with a great deal of expertise in Digital Media. He will help boost our presence throughout the Internet. He lives near St. Louis, Missouri with his wife Jody.

Bralynn Newby
Director of BAS Global

Bralynn is host of Spirit Centered Business a weekly podcast dealing with Heaven Down business building. She provides coaching and training for businesses and ministries.

Kevin Boehmer
Senior Advocate/
Outpost Leader

Kevin brings years of ministry experience to the table when helping clients in Personal Advocacy Sessions. He joins us from Belize in Central America. Kevin heads our outpost in Belize.

Jen Jones
COH AfterCare Director

This Maryland mom and grandmother serves the ministry as director of our COH AfterCare program. She has many years of experience in counseling and is a gifted teacher.

Stephanie Shearin
Donor Care Coordinator

Stephanie comes perfectly suited to the position of Donor Care Coordinator as she has been fulfilling that role for another organization for a number of years.