ADVOCATES has teams of a trained advocates to assist you in engaging the Courts of Heaven. Each advocate has been through our Facilitator Training Program. Be assured that these team members will seek to be highly sensitive to Holy Spirit as they minister to you in Personal Advocacy Sessions.

Senior Advocates lead the sessions, while Junior Advocates assist in the sessions. On occasion you may also have Student Observers who are being trained as advocates through our Facilitator Training Program.

Dr. Ron M. Horner
Executive Director

Dr. Ron Horner is an apostolic teacher specializing in understanding the Operations of the Court System of Heaven,  Freedom from Captivity, and has written over twenty books on the Courts of Heaven and engaging Heaven.

Stephanie Shearin
Advocacy Sessions Supervisor

In addition to serving as Dr. Ron's Executive Assistant, Stephanie oversees all the Personal Advocacy Sessions and Advocacy Teams for the ministry.

Kevin Boehmer
Senior Advocate

Kevin leads one of our Advocacy teams and is known for his sensitivity to Holy Spirit and his commitment to freedom for our clients. Kevin brings years of ministry experience to the table when helping clients in Personal Advocacy Sessions.

Karee Naudet
Senior Advocate

This Missouri mom and grandma, when not helping with the grandkids, serves as an advocate on Personal Advocacy Sessions. Karee has a strong mercy gift and is very compassionate.

Anne Powder
Junior Advocate

Anne is from the Detroit area and has been in prophetic ministry for many years. She brings a wealth of experience as a Junior Advocate.

Joyce Poupart
Senior Advocate

Joyce is a gifted seer and retired attorney who brings her insights to bear helping clients with their Personal Advocacy sessions. She and her husband Ralph are wonderful Canadian friends of the ministry.

Jeremy Friedman
Junior Advocate

Jeremy brings a wonderful sensitivity to the table when ministering in sessions, and with his Jewish heritage, often brings new understandings to situations.

Janine Villines
Junior Advocate

Another Missourian, Janine is a cheerful, fun-loving mom. She brings an obvious love for people to the sessions she assists with.

Linda Rapp
Junior Advocate

Linda has been a long time friend of our ministry. Formerly a math teacher, Linda's loving approach blesses many. She and her husband reside in coastal North Carolina.

TIpton Hamilton
Junior Advocate

Tipton is a joy-filled Arkansan with a heart for people and deep love for the Father.

Joanne Bennett
Junior Advocate

Our lovely Australian friend Joanne is a delightful addition to our team. She also serves as a drug rehabilitation counselor when not working with clients on sessions.

Faith Whyte
Junior Advocate

Faith is a transplant to the Atlanta area and brings a hunger to help people.

Mark Jackson
Junior Advocate

Mark is a native Australian by way of the UK, and Ontario. Mark has also served as an intercessor for the ministry.

David Porter
Junior Advocate

David wears several hats with the ministry including Staff Accountant and Lead Apostle of Sandhills Ecclesia.