Courts of Heaven

People contact our ministry with crisis situations that need immediate attention. Crisis care is the thrust of our Personal Advocacy Sessions. However, many of these crisis situations could have been avoided if the person had known some foundational principles that would help to strengthen their relationship with the Father. In response to this need, we have developed COH AfterCare (known as AfterCare).

AfterCare offers support after the Personal Advocacy Sessions to help with the processing of the experience. Have you considered that in light of what you have learned through your Personal Advocacy Sessions, you may need to make some changes in your life? Perhaps you have discovered that there are some gaps in your understanding of spiritual matters. Through counseling, teaching and prayer, areas that need changing or strengthening are identified and worked on with the guidance from the Holy Spirit.

What are some of the topics in the foundations course?

  • Spirit First Living

  • Learning to Hear God's Voice

  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit

  • How thoughts, feelings and behaviors are connected.

  • Christ Identity – Who Am I?

  • The Importance of the Armor of God


Other Courses

  • Life After Loss - Dealing with Grief

  • Detoxing from Spiritual Abuse

  • Living in Freedom

  • The Power of Emotions

  • The Power of Forgiveness


How will the AfterCare services be offered?

  • Personal One-on-One Counseling Sessions

  • Small Group Counseling Sessions

  • Small Group Classes

  • Video Courses

  • Seminars

​How do the sessions work?

  • Once you have scheduled an appointment, you will receive an email with a link and Zoom Meeting ID. When it is time for your appointment, simply click on the link (in that email) and it will open Zoom on your device. Each course or session may have some homework to be completed prior to your appointment.

  • We recommend using a PC or Mac with a working camera for the session.

  • You do NOT have to have a Zoom account to join us on a session. We use the Ministry's Zoom account for all sessions

  • An AfterCare Counselor will meet you on-screen.

  • The AfterCare Counselor will follow the direction of Holy Spirit

What is the cost of a Personal AfterCare Session?

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS (One-on-One with Jen or her team):

  • $100 for a 1-hour session individual session

  • $150 for a 1.5-hour session individual session




SMALL GROUP CLASSES on specific issues:

(Fear/Anxiety, Guilt/Shame, Depression, Forgiveness, Spiritual Abuse, Love, etc.)

  • 4 Week Class: $150 (per course) (Includes teaching & group counseling)

How do I schedule an appointment for a session?

  • Click the appropriate button in the right hand column for our automated scheduler.

  • Select the 1-Hour or 1.5 Hour appointment option by clicking the rectangle.

  • Select your own time zone.

  • From the list of available dates and times, select your appointment time

  • Closest appointment times will show up first.

  • Typically our clients book an appointment 2 months out.

  • Fully answer our Intake Questionnaire regrading your circumstances

  • Have payment information ready at hand for input

Why do you require "homework" after a Counseling or Group Counseling session has been scheduled?

Homework is required to prepare your heart to receive what the Holy Spirit has planned for you.  He prepares you for the session so that you will trust the process and gain results. 

What does the "homework" for Individual Counseling or Group counseling Session consist of?

Read, pray & journal about Psalm 139 -The Passion Translation.  Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you about this passage of scripture.  He will illuminate at different times a verse that he wants you to meditate upon. Do this each day before your session.  


Should I book a 1-Hour or a 1.5 Hour appointment with you?

  • That depends upon your schedule and the potential complexity of your situation.

  • Beginning with a single 1-Hour appointment is highly recommended.

  • A second and subsequent 1-Hour follow-up session is recommended and the frequency can be discussed with Jen.

  • Please do not book subsequent sessions on the same day or closer than 1 week together. This gives your soul time to acclimate to new conditions that come from the ministry within the previous session and time to complete any homework.
  • If your circumstances are extremely severe, a 1.5-hour appointment can be scheduled.

  • 1-Hour appointments are often available sooner than 1.5-hour appointments due to ministry schedules.

  • Please note - if you schedule a 1-Hour appointment, it can not be turned into a 1.5-hour appointment later or vice versa. This is because appointments are being booked all around your appointment time, and we can not make the change in the system due to that. 

What about cancellations or No-show clients? What is your protocol?

  • NO SHOW POLICY: We do not reschedule an appointment for a No-Show client for any reason.

  • You are booking a professional Pastoral Service with us, please honor that alignment.

  • You are employing our Teams and their valuable time whether you show up or not.

  • Please make sure you know how to connect through Zoom, and at what time your appointment is scheduled, so that your scheduled appointment takes place.

  • The scheduling system we use will remind you via email one day in advance of your appointment and will reflect the time zone you choose as your time zone.

  • We are not responsible if you choose the wrong time zone.

  • International friends, make sure you choose your correct time zone.

  • All Confirmation and Reminder emails come from "", search your inbox (including spam/junk) for this email address to help you find our emails.

  • PLEASE make sure that you see our Confirmation Email immediately after booking an appointment. If you do not see it, it will be in a spam, junk, promotions, or forums folder. 

  • We are not responsible for missed appointments because you could not find the Confirmation or Reminder Email from Acuity (our scheduling software service).

To find out more information to frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.

A key element in successful resolution of issues in these sessions is the willingness of the participant to repent for themselves and their generations and be honest with those ministering to you. The more willing we are to repent, the more things can change in your situation.

Course Offerings

Living Spirit Forward:
Foundations for Life

God is releasing lots of new revelation with ideas, insights and amazing access to Himself that we have never experienced before. Yet, in the midst of this bounty of blessings, we can feel lost or even bewildered. Our spirits may resonate with the revelation but it bumps up against what we have learned about Him and His kingdom since we first received salvation.


The purpose of this course is to encourage you to examine your spiritual foundations.  The lessons are relevant and very effective in leading you into a meaningful experience with our Father.  


  • Spirit First Living

  • Hearing God's Voice

  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit

  • Thought Life: How our Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors are Connected

  • Christ identity - Who Am I?

  • The Armor of God

Class begins:
Saturday, June 12-July 24, 2021 at 9AM Eastern weekly for 6 weeks.
Class size limit: 15 persons.

Course Cost $150.00

* * * * * * * *

Grief: Life After Loss

We suffer many types of losses in life. Death of a loved one or pet, loss of a job, and loss of relationships, to name a few. Each loss is to be grieved. But what happens when we feel ourselves becoming stuck in our grief? 

How can we move forward and live abundantly after our loss? We may ask ourselves if there is even life after our loss.  Be encouraged! There is life after loss. Our God has compassion and a plan to help you get unstuck and transition you into a new life after your loss. I invite you to become part of this group. Come, let's work on this together with people facing similar challenges. We are the body of Christ working together in love, brothers and sisters helping each other to heal. (Teaching & Group Counseling Format)


4 Sessions (2 Hour Class)
Class size limit: 5-8 persons

Class begins:

Thursdays - July 8-29 at 7PM Eastern for 2 hours each session

Course Cost: $150.00


Jennifer (Jen) Jones, M.Ed., BCBT will direct our COH AfterCare program. Jen is a wife, mother of three adult children and a grandmother. She worked as a Professional School Counselor for 15 years.  


Jen is trained and licensed in Biblical Cognitive Behavior Therapy, providing help for men and women.

BCBT is a combination of talk therapy and behavior therapy. As a BCB therapist, Jen helps clients change negative thought patterns to positive ones with the use of God's word.


She is also a certified life coach and mentor who facilitates groups that help people to experience freedom and connection with one another through the love of God.

She is a woman of faith who is a prayer intercessor, teacher and biblical counselor. She believes that ALL people can change and experience improvement in the quality of their lives with the right resources, therapy and encouragement. Most of all, Jen believes that God loves you so much that if you really want to change, He will move Heaven and earth to help you!

Jen has been part of the CourtsOfHeaven family for several years. We are excited about how the COH AfterCare program will aid our clients in fulfilling all of God's plan for their lives.


"I wanted to share and let you know I LOVED the Foundations class that Jen Jones led. I was trying to think of my favorite week, but every week was so rich and applicable, it was all 6 weeks. I do have testimonies from it, but I don’t want this email to be really long. As a leader, Jen is anointed (she spoke wisdom from her spirit, especially to some tough questions), patient (with people and computer issues, people's questions, etc., she had so much grace!), she is respectful and kind, and she did a great job with the content! There was a lot of scripture and additional resources. She made her slides artistic and colorful. She wrapped up every week with an email that was colorful and creative too! I just wanted you to know I was so blessed by her class. I hope a lot of people from the mentoring group will take it. I hope she teaches more classes as well."

From Jessica P., first Foundations For Life Class, April 2021