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Courts of Heaven
AfterCare Catalog

Fall Registration
Is Open!

Courts of Heaven Series

  • Introduction to Courts of Heaven Protocol: Stephanie Shearin
    Fridays, Sept 8 – 29, 2023 – 7pm – 8:30 pm EDT (Men & Women)
    $100 per person

    • If you are new to the Courts of Heaven paradigm or need a refresher, this class is for you! Join us as we delve into the principles and practices behind engaging the spiritual realm of the courts of heaven. In this eye-opening journey, we will explore the biblical basis of the Courts of Heaven, understanding how this spiritual framework can bring breakthrough, justice, and answers to our prayers. 


  • Angels Among Us: Discovering the Presence & Purpose of Angelic Beings: Minister Karee Naudet
    Wednesdays, Sept 20 – Oct 11, 2023 –
    1:30pm – 3pm EDT (Men and Women)
    $100 per person

    • Have you ever wondered about the existence and role of angels in our lives? Join us for an enlightening journey into the fascinating world of angelic beings in the "Angels Among Us" class. This class is designed to explore the presence, purpose, and spiritual significance of angels, offering a deeper understanding of their interactions and relationship with us.

  • Ministering to Lingering Human Spirits: Stephanie Shearin
    Fridays, Oct 20 – Nov 10 – 7 pm – 8:30 pm EDT (Men & Women)
    $100 per person

    • Join us for a profound and compassionate class, "Ministering to Lingering Human Spirits," where we will explore the sacred and sensitive realm of spirits that continue to linger on the earthly plane. In this class, we will learn how to approach and offer ministry to these spirits with love and respect, helping them to transition into eternity.


  • Engaging the Courts of Healing and the Healing Gardens: Tara Rose
    Wednesdays, Oct 25 – Nov 15 – 7pm – 8:30 pm EDT (Men & Women)
    $100 per person

    • Welcome to the class that explores the divine realms of healing—"Engaging the Courts of Healing and the Healing Gardens." In this class, we will delve into the Courts of Healing, where powerful spiritual interventions take place, and the serene Healing Gardens, where restoration and rejuvenation thrive. The Courts of Healing represent a sacred space of divine justice and restoration, offering hope and healing to those seeking wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. 


  • Divine Assignment: Engaging the Courts of Heaven for your City: Garlenia Davis
    Saturdays, Nov 11 – Dec 9 (No Class Nov 25) – 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm EDT (Men & Women)
    $100 per per

    • Are you passionate about making a positive impact on your city through prayer and intercession? Join us for an empowering and transformative class, "Divine Assignment," where we will explore the powerful concept of engaging the Courts of Heaven for your city's transformation.

Freedom Series

  • Overcoming the False Verdicts of Mithraism & Freemasonry #7: Stephanie Shearin and Faith Whyte
    Tuesdays, Oct 24 – Dec 12 – 1:30p – 3:30pm EDT (Men & Women)

    *$185 per person

  • TWO DAY INTENSIVE: Overcoming the False Verdicts of Mithraism & Freemasonry #8: Mark & Monique Jackson
    Two Saturdays, November 4th – 8:30am – 1pm; 2pm – 5pm EST & November 18th – 9am – 1pm; 2pm – 5pm EST (Men & Women)

    *$185 per person

Group Counseling Series

  • Embracing Grace: Nurturing Healing and Restoration After Abortion: Janine Villines and Francina Shipp
    Saturday, Sept 23 – Nov 18, 2023 (No class 10/21) – 10am – 12pm EDT (Women On
    $200 per person

    • The purpose of this group is to provide a safe place of healing and restoration for women who have suffered the loss of a child through abortion. This is 8-weeks of group sessions where we work in partnership with heaven to alleviate the pain of post abortion stress and symptoms such as grief, trauma, shame and guilt. Join Janine & Francina for this life changing opportunity to breakthrough to freedom.

  • Redeeming Faith: Moving Forward from Church Betrayal & Rejection: Jen Jones
    Mondays, Sept 25 – Oct 30, 2023 – 6:30 pm EDT (For Men & Women)
    *$185 per person

    • Have you experienced the pain of church betrayal or rejection? Are you seeking to reclaim your faith and find healing after a challenging church experience? Join us for a transformative journey together towards healing, restoration, and renewed hope.

Spiritual Foundations Series


  • Moving Toward Sonship: Becoming Sons of the Father's Design: Dr. Robert Rodich
    Saturdays, Sept 16 – Oct 7, 2023 – 2 pm EDT. (Men & Women)
    $125.00 per person

    • Join Doc Rodich as he shares insights from his new book, Moving Towards Sonship. Look forward to new revelation and activations as he leads us into understanding our Father's design and desire for us.

Men's Ministry

  • The Gathering of Sons: Jeremy Friedman & Mark Jackson (Men)
    Friday, Sept
    ember 15, 2023 – 8pm – 9:30 pm EDT
    OPEN NOW! Free

  • Paradigms for Men: Mark Jackson (Men)
    Thursdays, Oct 19 – Nov 30, 2023 7pm – 9 pm EDT (No Class on Nov 23rd)

    $150 per person

    • Paradigms is a new course specifically focusing on men to facilitate new learning, enable new understanding and attempt to create new "ah-ha" moments for the average man struggling with average problems. Most importantly it is for those men who realize that we cannot continue to do things the same way if we want to get different results. Join in for a life changing experience!


  • Hope for the Holidays 
    December (TBA)


For the following classes, we offer a 10% married couples discount:

  • Overcoming the False Verdicts of Mithraism & Freemasonry

  • Redeeming Faith: Moving Forward from Church Betrayal & Rejection

Email Jen at for the discount code.

All enrollment fees are per person. All classes meet via Zoom. Access link will be sent before class begins.

AfterCare Team


Jennifer (Jen) Jones, M.Ed., BCBT

Jen directs our COH AfterCare program. She is a wife, mother of three adult children, and a grandmother. She worked as a Professional School Counselor for 15 years.


Jen is trained and licensed in Biblical Cognitive Behavior Therapy, providing help for men and women. BCBT is a combination of talk therapy and behavior therapy. As a BCB therapist, Jen helps clients change negative thought patterns to positive ones with the use of God's word.


She is also a certified life coach and mentor who facilitates groups that help people to experience freedom and connection with one another through the love of God.

She is a woman of faith who is a prayer intercessor, teacher and biblical counselor. She believes that ALL people can change and experience improvement in the quality of their lives with the right resources, therapy and encouragement. Most of all, Jen believes that God loves you so much that if you really want to change, He will move Heaven and earth to help you!

Jen has been part of the CourtsOfHeaven family for several years. We are excited about how the COH AfterCare program will aid our clients in fulfilling all of God's plan for their lives.

Mark & Monique.jpg

Mark & Monique Jackson
Mark and Monique met in his home town of Sydney, Australia after years of Mark praying for his wife. (it’s quite a story).

Shortly after getting married, the Lord led them to move and work with Ellel Ministries in the UK for a little over two years. Since then, they have relocated to and currently line in Ontario, Canada which is Monique’s home land.


Mark is an IT specialist with a background in Christian counseling, coaching and discipleship. Monique is a registered practical nurse with years of experience in nursing and healthcare. They have been valued members of the LifeSpring International Ministries family for over three years.

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