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Next Facilitator Training Program - January 2021

In January 2020 we commenced our CourtsNet Facilitator Training Program designed to train advocates to work with clients in the Courts of Heaven prayer paradigm. Founded by Dr. Ron Horner, author of nearly twenty books on the Courts of Heaven (COH) and Engaging Heaven, this program, referred to as CourtsNet will be a guided training program. Utilizing videos, audios, books, and live sessions, the student will learn the nuances of the various Courts of Heaven and should be able, by the time they graduate, to successfully guide people to freedom using the COH paradigm.

Applicant’s for the 2021 program will need to follow the steps outlined on this website.

The trainer’s for this program will be Dr. Ron Horner and Donna Neeper. These experienced advocates will help guide you in practical understanding and application of the COH paradigm. The program will include homework, evaluations, practical applications classes and live practice opportunities. Students will be required to participate as a Student Observer in Personal Advocacy Sessions with clients. Classes meet weekly on Mondays via Zoom. All students will need to be on screen each class. A private facilitator’s group site will allow for collaboration with other trainees. It is an 11 month program beginning in mid-January and ending in mid-December.

The cost for this program is $2,500.00 (USD)** This can be paid in full or for a slight increase in cost, the student can pay in 11 monthly installments of $235.00 each.  All payment programs must be put on an automatic payment plan attached to a valid debit/credit card.


The student will be required to read all of Dr. Ron’s books as we progress through the program and other materials as required. PDF editions of Dr. Ron's books will be provided, however if the student desires a paperback or Kindle edition, they are responsible to purchase those items. Materials not authored by Dr. Ron must be purchased by the student and are not included in the program costs. The class size will be limited to allow for good interaction and growth.

Any born again believer is invited to begin the application process to qualify for training via our Facilitator Program. However, this is a selective process. Not all applicants are guaranteed acceptance into the program. Acceptance will be based on a variety of factors.


The primary purpose of this course is not for your personal bloodline cleansing or as a substitute for Personal Advocacy Sessions in the Courts of Heaven, but it is to train you to become an Advocate in the Courts of Heaven on behalf of others.

Students successfully completing the 11 month program may be offered the opportunity to work with our ministry. Upon graduation a certificate will be awarded signifying the completion of the coursework for the program.

The following steps summarize the aspects of the application process.

Step 1:

Submit a one page letter to Dr. Ron explaining your desire and sense of calling to work in the Courts of Heaven as a Facilitator.
Send it to: admin@courtsofheaven.net

Step 2:

If approved to proceed via email, complete the Application and the Questionnaire and submit it to us.

Step 3:

Complete and sign the necessary agreements and forms and submit your initial payment. We have 2 options:  (1) Payment in full of $2,500.00* or (2) monthly payments of $235.00 per month for 11 months via an automatic payment plan.

Step 4:

Obtain the required materials and begin your coursework via CourtsNet.com with us on our January start date to be announced.

**Prices and other details may be subject to change.

Our calendar stays full with those needing help in the courts of Heaven.

It is an emerging ministry opportunity."

Dr. Ron M. Horner

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