Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get a warning when going to one of your websites?

Some browsers erroneously report that our websites are dangerous. Each of our sites has SSL Certificates (Secure Socket Layer Certificates). Domain names do not need an SSL Certificate, only hosted sites. However, because we sometimes use a domain name that is forwarded to our website, it gets " reported" as a "Dangerous Site!" or a message appears that says "Don't Go to it!" Many factors are involved in the warning, but that is the gist of it. Also, some browsers set the safety bar very high, and this triggers the "warning". We try to keep our site as safe as is reasonably possible. We hope you will click on past the warnings to accomplish the tasks you are endeavoring to complete. Thank you for your understanding with this technology and these "warnings" which are out of our control.

I have a prayer request. Can you help?

Yes, we have a form that will help us get more information so we can more effectively help you. On the Menu above, click Home, and then Click Prayer Requests. Please understand, our Ministry is not a traditional prayer ministry.

  • We are an apostolic teaching Ministry with regard to the Courts of Heaven.
  • We also offer our services as Advocates in the Courts of Heaven.
  • We do this through Personal Advocacy Sessions scheduled through our website.
  • We are happy to know your prayer request, but our limited staff and intercession team is not dedicated to fielding traditional prayer requests. Other ministries fulfill this. We are not a local church, and do not traditionally pastor as such.
  • We do recommend our books, teaching videos and Personal Advocacy sessions to learn and experience how you can pray from the Courts of Heaven.

I can't afford a Personal Advocacy Session, can you help?

Yes, we provide a limited number of complimentary sessions as funds become available. Please complete our contact form and information will be supplied to you regarding your request. We request that if you are the recipient of a complimentary session, that you consider contributing something by way of donation before or just after your complimentary session. One primary reason we ask for and receive donations is to help fund these complimentary sessions for as many people as possible. Thank you for your help in this.

Which of your books about the Courts of Heaven should I begin with?

We highly recommend beginning with these foundational books.

  1. Engaging the Mercy Court of Heaven OR Four Keys to Defeating Accusations
  2. Engaging the Courts for Ownership and Order
  3. Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven
  4. Overcoming the False Verdicts of Freemasonry
The following books contain more explanation of the Courts of Heaven paradigms, and prayers you can work through by faith in the Courts to receive freedom:
  1. Unlocking Spiritual Seeing
  2. Overcoming Verdicts From the Courts of Hell
Going even deeper into the Courts of Heaven paradigm of prayer, we recommend:
  1. Engaging the Courts of Healing & the Healing Garden
  2. Engaging the Courts of Ownership and Order
  3. Lingering Human Spirits: Unraveling the Mystery
Print copies of our books can be purchased through Lulu.com (our self-publishing house). Lulu ships our books to many nations including Canada and Puerto Rico, Austraila, South Africa and the UK. Carefully follow shipping options. Shipping times are 11-14 days usually, after 3-5 days to print the book for you. Total of 14-19 days to received package.

What is unique about your book on the topic of Freemasonry?

If you know of Freemasonry in your lineage (or in your own life), we recommend you go through "Overcoming the False Verdicts of Freemasonry". It is NOT a book of renunciation prayers. Rather, we uncover the false verdicts (judgements) at each degree level and seek to get them overturned in the Courts of Heaven. The difference is striking. This book is available from this website or Amazon. In addition we highly recommend "Freedom from Mithraism" as both Mithraism and Freemasonry are closely aligned. It is also available in our store.

I'm an international customer; PayPal will not allow me to purchase your PDF's. What should I do?

Often international technologies do not "play well together" for purchases. We want to help you obtain our materials.
Please use our contact form to let us know the specific books you would like to purchase. We will then make arrangements with you to provide you with the links for download after you have made a donation by using Square or Stripe.

Let us hear from you through our contact form on this site!

Are your teachings on YouTube?

  • Yes! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel at Courts of Heaven Webinars.
  • Our YouTube Channel holds only a very few of our video trainings.
  • Vist our "other" website to find all of our Archived Video Trainings in our tiered Membership Plan at CourtsOfHeavenWebinars.com
  • Our Bronze level on that website is free.
  • See the Pricing & Plans button on that other website for full details.

Does your website ship materials to other countries?

  • We use Amazon.com and Lulu.com to ship materials.
  • The Shop Tab on our Menu also offers downloadable PDF's for purchase.
  • If you are in the USA and purchase a PDF, please be patient as the screens redirect for immediate download onto your device. (No email is sent).
  • We highly recommend purchasing a PDF from your computer, not your mobile device!
  • We highly recommend that you purchase a print copy (not PDF copy) of our materials if you are not tech savvy. The PDF download will appear where your device downloads files.
  • We are not responsible for PDFs purchased and downloaded but can not be found by you on your device.
  • If you are outside of the USA and want to purchase a downloadable PDF, but find the system does not let you complete the transaction, please email admin@courtsofheaven.net and let us know. We will send you an email with instructions for the purchase of our PDF downloads.
  • If you purchase a print copy from Lulu.com, and live in Puerto Rico, please select USA as the Country, and Puerto Rico as the "state".
  • Lulu.com offers a Help Center for shipping informaton to other nations.
  • Yes, Lulu.com ships to Canada. Canadian taxes are included.

Are your books in Spanish?

We welcome our Spanish-speaking friends! A few of our books are in Spanish now:

  • Las Cuatro Llaves para Anular las Acusaciones: ¡Desmantele las acusaciones que están destruyendo su vida! - Kindle Edition - Print Copy from Lulu.com
  • Cómo Proceder en la Corte Celestial de Misericordia: Adoptando un Paradigma Adicional de Oración - Kindle Edition
  • We are getting more translated even now! Check back soon!

How do I become a partner or donate to you?

There are 2 ways to support the vision of the Ministry in partnership with us. FIRST WAY: Donation We welcome those who want to come alongside and sow into the Ministry.

  • We are a Non-Profit.
  • We recognize that some want to spiritually align with the revelation flowing through relationship with Jesus Christ and being displayed by LifeSpring International Ministries (CourtsOfHeaven.net / CourtsOfHeavenWebinar.com).
  • We desire to bring fresh revelation that changes lives and paradigms to enlarge the Kingdom of God upon the earth.
  • Donations, either one-time or monthly, through any of these payment portals: PayPal , Square or Stripe - all major credit or debit cards are accepted.
  • Our CashApp name is "$lifespring1" if using CashApp.
  • If mailing us a check, make it to " LifeSpring International Ministries" and send to: PO Box 2167, Albemarle, NC 28002
SECOND WAY: Membership
  • We also offer Membership in your choice of 4 different tier levels on our other Website: CourtsOfHeavenWebinars.com.
  • This option is not a donation, but is a trade for our services (teaching, blogs, video replays, special Zoom meetiings, etc).
  • Membership tiers can be selected according to your desire: Bronze (free), Silver, Gold or Platinum
  • There is a free trial period, and then your credit card is charged monthly until you cancel your Membership plan in your Profile.
Your Membership creates a trade between you and our ministry and is not a Non-Profit donation. Click here to choose your Level of Membership.

Do your books ship to Canada, Guatamala or Belize?

Yes! We use Lulu.com a self-publishing house to print the copies of our books and ship them to you. Lulu.com ships to many countries.

  • Lulu.com is a print-on-demand company, so any physical products purchased will need to be printed and bound before they are shipped to you.
  • Shipping times are estimates and not guaranteed.
  • Express and Expedited delivery methods deliver Monday through Friday.
  • You will receive an email from Lulu notifying you of a shipped package and including tracking information if the shipping method you have chosen is traceable. You can also check the status of your order by going to your Order History page on Lulu.com.
  • When choosing Mail for orders going to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, the estimated arrival time will take at least 14 days for Transit.

How do I obtain a recording of my Personal Advocacy session?

If you've had a Personal Advocacy session with us in the last 2 months, and would like an Audio Recording link of your session, please click HERE and complete the Form. We will email you a link to hear your Audio Recording.

What role does a personal angel play in preventing ungodly bonds from being placed on one's Bond Registry?

Active angels on their assignments, carrying out their duties, in general will prevent some ungodly bonds from reaching the Registry. However, the son (or daughter) of God, related to the registry needs to pay attention to what is recorded there. One's angel can be commissioned to alert you when you need to attend to it or remind you if you haven't worked on it lately. [To understand more about your Bond Registry in Heaven, read Dr. Horner's book, "Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven".]

What nuances are involved regarding prayer for my adopted children, or if I myself am an adopted child, and want to engage with Heaven to cleanse my generational bloodline?

Many people ask us this regarding their adopted children, especially as they engage in courtroom work to cleanse generational bloodlines. Dr. Ron and Donna engaged heaven with specific questions about prayers for adopted children. Here is what they were told: "As the people of God are taking their case before the Father and requesting the blood of Jesus to cover their bloodline, and the iniquity and sin in their bloodline, what happens in the case of an adopted person where a child is adopted into another bloodline or family?" "When there is full legal documentation of an adoption having taken place, with no coercion on either side, either that from the child being adopted or from the one adopting, the adopted one receives access to the blessings of the adopting family, but not the cursing. This is the grace of Heaven for those who adopt children such as orphans into their family life. The adopted one receives the blessings of the adopting family, not the cursings of that adopting bloodline that would be left open (or unaddressed). However, the family life and the bloodline curses in the family-life could affect the adopted child through familiar spirits, if the familiar spirits have not yet been dealt with. The adopted individual, in the process of maturing, would (or might) see the behaviors in their blood manifesting and [want to] track that down to receive the blood of Jesus to cover, purge, and cleanse their natural blood's lineage of iniquity, profane worship, oaths, covenants, dark alliances, and ungodly acts of sin. In a nutshell, an adopted person would not be responsible for the family in which they're being adopted and those curses, but their own natural blood's curses would be beneficial for them to address. Dark alliances are witchcraft, operation of illegal trades from other realms, and seeking after power not in one's book. That is a simplified version of dark alliances. "Conjuring" is an example. Where someone in the ancestral bloodline conjured is a dark alliance with dark spirits for a particular outcome [and needs to be confessed, repented for and asked to be forgiven by the blood of Jesus].