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Heaven Down™

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Heaven Down™ Books

Dr. Ron M. Horner is the author of two books on the subject of building your business from Heaven Down™. These book describe the heavenly resources available to businesses and non-profits to help establish and build your business. All the resources needed for business establishment and growth can be acquired in the Business Complex of Heaven.

Far from being the typical understanding of Heaven as a place with streets of gold and lots of angels, Heaven has innumerable resources available to us for all aspects of our life. Instead of building your business from earth up, learn to build it from Heaven Down™!

Heaven Down™ Business Coaching

An extension of LifeSpring International Ministries, Inc. is the entity Heaven Down™ Business which provides business coaching and development resources.


Heaven Down™ TV

Our upcoming venture Heaven Down™ TV is a network built around living from the Heaven Down™ concept in all areas of your life. Featured shows will center around marriage, family, child-rearing, health and nutrition, spiritual growth, business growth and much more.

Heaven Down™ Writing

Using the concepts the Dr. Horner has practiced in writing his many books using the principles of writing from Heaven Down™ has helped others in their own efforts as authors and writers. Periodic conferences on writing from Heaven Down™ will be held. The pandemic put our conferences on pause since our initial one in 2019.

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