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Personal Advocacy Sessions

Regular requests come to us for assistance in the Courts of Heaven. Our ministry offers personalized assistance in this paradigm of prayer. We call them Personal Advocacy sessions. We have testimony after testimony of fruitful sessions in the Courts of Heaven.


What are Personal Advocacy sessions?

  • 1 or 2-hour prayer sessions with a Senior Advocate and one other experienced member of our Advocacy ministry team.

  • Advocates provide assistance praying for you and with you in the Courts of Heaven.

  • In January 2020, our method for Personal Advocacy sessions changed; we now focus upon the revelation of the Bond Registry each person has in the Courts of Heaven. Many things are resolved by addressing the Bond Registry within the Courtroom.

  • Subsequent sessions may deal with deeper issues that Holy Spirit reveals; but the Bond Registry is the default method used.

  • Advocates work with what heaven is revealing regarding the client's Bond Registry, always following the leading of Holy Spirit.

  • Each session is conducted on-line through a Video-Conference using Zoom, where all members see and hear each other on the screen.

What will I need for a Personal Advocacy session?

  • You will need either a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone with a working camera and microphone.

  • WE WILL NOT conduct a session without being able to see you on camera.

  • A private, distraction-free location with an internet connection.

  • A location where you can speak out loud with ease.

  • To be in the process of reading the required reading before your session.

  • A prayerful attitude and willingness to repent and/or forgive as needed.

  • Pre-payment when you book your appointment with us.

  • We record every session so you do not need to be concerned with note-taking during the session. You will be able to engage with the session better if you are not distracted by note-taking. You can request access to the video for you to download and view later. Simply send us an email reminder after your session.

How do the sessions work?

  • Once you have scheduled an appointment, you will receive an email with a link and meeting ID. When it is time for your appointment, simply click on the link (in that email) and it will open Zoom on your device.

  • You do NOT have to have a Zoom account to join us on a session.

What is the cost of a Personal Advocacy session with your ministry?

  • $100 for a 1-hour session

  • $200 for a 2-hour session

How do I schedule an appointment for a session?

  • Click the "Schedule An Appointment" button below for our automated scheduler.

  • Select the 1-Hour or 2-Hour appointment option by clicking the rectangle.

  • Select your own time zone.

  • Select your choice of ministry team leader (we call them Senior Advocates).

  • From the list of available dates and times, select your appointment time.

  • Fully answer our Questionnaire regrading your circumstances

  • Have payment information ready at hand for input

Is Dr. Ron Horner on every Personal Advocacy session?

  • Ministry teams operate in groups of 2-3 people under the training, instruction and guidance of Dr. Ron M. Horner even when he is not personally in the session.

  • Dr. Horner is often on screen during sessions, but this is not absolutely guaranteed due to his ministry duties.

  • Senior Advocates are Dr. Ron Horner, Tracy Murillo or Dr. Natalie Olson

  • Any of Dr. Horner's team of trained Courts of Heaven facilitators may be on screen as well.

Why do you require "homework" after a session has been scheduled?

  • We respect the work of other teachers and ministries involved with the Courts of Heaven prayer paradigm, but our methodology may be different.

  • We request that you be familiar with our methods and materials.

  • The information contained in our book, Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven, will help you understand how we navigate our Personal Advocacy session.

  • We want you to get the most out of your short time with us.

  • Having a foundational understanding of the Courts of Heaven will be beneficial to you when you are on screen with us.

  • Knowing "where we are coming from" will help you get the most from your session.

What does the "homework" for a Personal Advocacy session consist of?

  • We request that you be working your way through 3 of Dr. Ron Horner's books.

  • They are:

    1. Engaging the Mercy Court of Heaven OR Four Keys To Defeating Accusations

    2. Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven

    3. Engaging the Courts for Ownership and Order

  • If you know of Freemasonry in your ancestry, we also recommend that you work through Overcoming the False Verdicts of Freemasonry​.

  • In most cases people have plenty of time to read these books before their scheduled appointment.

  • You can book a session and then begin the reading.

  • Most people find the information beneficial to understanding how we will operate with them in the Courts during their session. This helps them be comfortable.

  • All of our books are available from this website or Amazon.

Should I book a 1-Hour or a 2-Hour appointment with you?

  • Beginning with a single 1-Hour appointment is highly recommended.

  • 90% of our clients will want to begin with a 1-Hour appointment.

  • A second and subsequent 1-Hour follow-up session is recommended and can be booked 3-4 weeks after the initial session.

  • Please do not book subsequent sessions on the same day or closer than 1 week together. Doing so gives time for answers to our Court sessions to be recognized on earth, and for other things to come to light. This gives your soul time to acclimate to new conditions that come from the ministry within the first session. 

  • Only 10% of our clients will need a beginning 2-Hour appointment.

  • If your circumstances are extremely severe, a 2-hour appointment is fine.

  • 1-Hour appointments are often available sooner than 2-hour appointments due to ministry schedules.

To find out more information to frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.

A key element in successful resolution of issues in the courts is the willingness of the participant to repent for themselves and their generations. The more willing we are to repent, the more things can change in your situation.


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