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Back to School - Part 1

From Chapter 3 of Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven, Dr. Ron unveils what has been discovered in the realms of Heaven about this powerful spiritual force!


A few days later Donna and I returned to the classroom. This time our original teacher had an assistant—a much younger man named Mark. We greeted them and pointed out that we wanted to continue our class time about bonds. Immediately he began to teach us on a very different class of bonds.

Bond of Iniquity

We were informed that a Bond of Iniquity[1] was a lesser bond than the others. It increases the likelihood of one’s life being diverted. It often attaches through the mouth through sorcery or witchcraft. It brings hardship to a great many people–their descendants and their lives. It is used to harm a life and it can be established in a ritual. Usually in the ritual death (in some fashion) is involved.

Our tutor explained that we were correct in thinking that it forms a bond which is like a band which keeps one from their given ability. It keeps them back from what they are called to do. The enemy uses it quite often–more than we think.

How can we recognize it?

When we asked how it could be recognized we were given the following information. He said we could usually see it due to the cycles you see in one's life. When you see cycles of harm, destitution, nakedness, and where we see those–who are poor in spirit or those who are unawakened.

We asked, “Is there a registry for these things?”

The reply, “It is registered in the Court of Hell. Demon entities keep track of it. We then asked, “Do the Courts of Heaven have a registry for this?” “Yes,” we were told. It is in the Office of Registry (which is a subset of the Court of Records).” In that office is a Register of Bonds of Iniquity. For godly bonds that have been enacted we were told to simply look in the person's folder in the Court of Records.

We were also told that some of these records were also kept in the Court of Times and Seasons. We asked, “How is this tied to Times and Seasons?” He replied that when it was inserted into someone’s life, or into the life of a city or entities like churches, it was then entered into the records in Times and Seasons as well as the Court of Records. Times and Seasons has more than just personal clocks, but also clocks for cities and nations and entities, ministries, churches, etc. Heaven has a record of every bond ever issued. If you need a reminder of what bonds you have issued, Heaven has a record and you can access these records and get a copy of what you have requested.

The Registry of Bonds is kept because these acts represent some sort of illegal package from the realm of darkness to a created being that Yahweh made. The same place where we go to find a list of intruders, we can also find a Registry of Bonds of Iniquity.

Breaking a Bond of Iniquity

When a bond of iniquity is broken demons immediately go to work trying to insert the bond back into the generational line—with increased activity toward the generation alive on the earth at that time. Thus, the need for protection, not only for the one who was set free but also for those who would be susceptible to a Bond of Iniquity. They need the protection of the armor of light, angelic activity and agreement from other saints that the blood of Jesus is a security.

We asked if they could fill in the gaps on what we need to know about bonds. We were told that bonds are beautiful free things that Heaven wants us to utilize more because it affects things swiftly because of the ease at which it can come.

Bonds are beautiful free things that Heaven wants us to utilize more because it affects things swiftly because of the ease at which it can come.

“Does a godly bond have an expiration date,” we asked? “No, not unless you ask for one when requesting the bond or enter the court to ask for one.”

Individually or Group?

“Is it better to request a bond individually or as a group? Which is better?” we asked. “It is better to ask individually unless the persons have agreed to be a group.” Citizens of a city have essentially become a group due to their location and choosing to live in that city. Thus, the bond could be for everyone in the city. You would be doing it for the group called the city. Likewise, a group like a church, ecclesia, or gathering of saints.

We were given the example of a gathering of saints in a stadium. All those who made an agreement to be on the property at that time consisted of a group that had the ability to request a bond in behalf of the city or the region or the event in the stadium. We could also ask for bonds for the saved and the unsaved. Asking for a bond for the unsaved has been rarely used and is little known. Heaven desires that we use bonds for the unsaved.

Acts 8:23 For I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity. (KJV)


This segment continues the series on spiritual bonds from Dr. Ron's recent book, Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven which is available in Paperback, PDF and Kindle Editions from This is the first part of Chapter 3.

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