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Back to School - Part 2

From Chapter 3 of Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven, Dr. Ron unveils what has been discovered in the realms of Heaven about this powerful spiritual force!


Bonds for the Unsaved

“Can you give us pointers on using it on the unsaved?” we asked. They gave an example of a child who has yet to know the conviction of Holy Spirit. A parent might request a bond for the power & might of God (or power OR might) for the conviction of Holy Spirit to move in that persons’ life. This is tied to the resources of Heaven and the might of Heaven; better even than intercession it releases a power and might of the Lord. It would manifest as conviction in that persons’ life of who they are and who Jesus is.

We requested an example of someone of college age. Our teacher expanded it to requesting a bond for an entire college campus. The bond could be in the form of a recognition of the saving grace but would come through the power and might of God.

We asked if we could request a bond for an unsaved person’s desire.

Bond for a Person’s Desire

We sensed that these bonds were essentially unlimited, but you needed to pause and ask what bond to request in each situation. In the case of the request concerning ones’ desire you would request a Writ of Release for the Wooing of God. They would then be wooed to desire God. For a lost person the best bond would depend upon their age. It also depends somewhat on the position of the person asking. If one has specific connectedness to a college campus (i.e. a child is a student, your proximity to the school, your sphere of influence including your location your interest and understanding), that connectedness qualifies them to be able to ask for a bond for that college campus. It seems to vary based on that.

We were reminded with a chuckle that we do have Holy Spirit and we can ask Him for help. You need to pause and ask for what bond to use!

Bonds for those in Addiction

“What kind of bond would you recommend for someone in addiction?” we asked. You would request a Bond of Recognition of Their Addiction. They would then be able recognize they have been bound by addiction; they are trapped. It would be a Bond of Clarity Concerning their Own Addiction.

For most sins it would involve the request of a Bond of Clarity. As a result, the person would be able to see the truth, thus initiating the defeat of the lie of the enemy. We were told that the Bond of Clarity was good for people caught up in any kind of addiction. Whatever they are turning to instead of turning to Jesus and being caught up in that thing by way of addiction, a Bond of Clarity is a great resource to help that person.


Regardless of the addiction the Bond of Clarity is powerful.


Bonds for Unbelievers – More Information

“What else do we need to know about bonds for unbelievers?” That was our next question. Our teacher responded by telling us, “Bonds may manifest differently regarding the unsaved based on the nation they are a part of and that nations’ timing to honor the Lord Jesus.”

Bonds are often subject to timing – the type of timing that only the Father knows, but in general requesting a bond is always going to start something, it’s always going to initiate an action in a life, but it will be subsequent to larger-framed times and seasons.

He told us not to fret if we have requested a bond for an unsaved person and we don't yet see the manifestation. It is not that the bond is not working but it may be the bond is under a higher framework of time of the nation the person is in. Nevertheless, it will be logged in Heaven so when the timing happens it’s already in line to be among the first released. When Paul wanted to go to Asia but was redirected to Macedonia – that was a timing issue; this is similar in nature. A bond is under the same framework when it comes to nations.

What is the best bond for the lost?

A Bond of the Power of God which is a Writ of Release of the Convicting Power of God. Tied to the might of Heaven, it releases the power of Heaven.


“Can you show us some of the pitfalls,” we asked?

Although he had already spoken of this in our prior class he reiterated that if the request for a bond for someone is not done from love or if it is done to control then it would become an ungodly bond and demons would respond to that bond instead of the angels of God. The demons would be happy to help you create a bond out of the Court of Hell if love is not your motivation, or the motivation is control. Such a bond would be logged in Heaven and in the Court of Hell.

Undoing an Ungodly Bond

“How do we go about undoing an ungodly bond,” we asked? We were instructed to:

  • See it in the registry,

  • Follow the protocol of forgive, bless, release,

  • Request a Writ of Severance of the ungodly bond from the Court of Titles and Deeds.

Undoing a Bond of a Demon to Someone

We then asked, “What about for those in darkness when a demon has been bound to someone?”

  • Access the Court of Cancellations and simply request a cancellation of the bond and all associated writs all the way back to the time it was first established.

  • Follow the protocol of forgive, bless, release the one who set up the ungodly bond.

  • Ask the blood of the Lamb to cover it.

Low level witches are seeking to establish bonds against the President, governors, LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers), and others on every level of government through sacrifices of all sorts. Ungodly bonds are the tools they are using in many situations. They are using ungodly bonds to create demonic assignments. Just as godly bonds activate angels, ungodly bonds activate demons. Just as angels are released through godly bonds, demons are released through ungodly bonds.

A Testimony

While conducting a court session with someone Natalie and I took a short diversion to see what (if any) bonds were on the registry for me and/or the ministry. She saw a Bond of Chaos had been issued two months prior by a Court of Hell. Immediately following that session, we stepped into the Court of Titles & Deeds requesting a Writ of Severance from the Bond of Chaos Originating from the Court of Hell. Immediately the scene changed to one of a courtroom session with attendants hustling about gathering evidence (or the lack thereof) concerning this Bond of Chaos. The court determined that no sufficient evidence existed for the bond to be in place and found “no justifiable evidence” concerning it. It was then struck down and the Writ of Severance was issued. Once we received it, we also requested restitution to everything lost during the time frame involved – including restoration of relationships, finances, camaraderie, etc.


This segment continues the series on spiritual bonds from Dr. Ron's recent book, Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven which is available in Paperback, PDF and Kindle Editions from This is the second & final part of Chapter 3.

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