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It’s Class Time!

This is Part 2 of the series on Spiritual Bonds. Last week we posted the Preface of the book Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven. This week we are sharing from the first Chapter.


As Donna and I stepped into the realms of Heaven we went to the Help Desk to inquire where we needed to go for information concerning bonds. An angel began to speak to us on the subject, but we sensed we were only scratching the surface on what we needed to know.

According to the Oxford Dictionary a bond is an agreement with legal force. (Oxford Dictionary: Bond, n.d.). A secondary definition is that a bond is a deed by which a person is committed to make payment to another. Our tutor was going to vastly broaden this definition for us in the next few moments.

Our first question involved where we go to obtain a bond and we were instructed that it depended upon the type of bond. She did not elaborate on that point but went on to describing that different types of bonds existed. Bonds bring clarity and agreement to people and situations.

She described a bit about Financial Bonds that come out of the realms of Heaven. They attach something from the realms of Heaven to others on the earth. It increases the likelihood of the recipient receiving what the requestor attached or requested of the realms of Heaven. In the case of a financial bond, we remember Philippians 4:19:

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Heaven has unlimited resources to benefit the sons of men, yet we have not learned well how to get those resources from the realms of Heaven into the earth. This understanding of bonds is a tool to help bring that about.

The angel assisting us at this point gave the example of a school that needed supplies. She described that a bond from a believer can be enacted so that an attachment is made on the believer’s faith from the realms of Heaven to the benefit of the school. It is impacted by one's faith. The greater the faith you have for a thing, the stronger the attached bond will be.


Great faith equates to a stronger attached bond.


She described how a bond ties two things together. In the case of a financial bond it ties the resources of Heaven to the need upon the earth (i.e. the school supplies) via the faith of a third party releasing faith on behalf of those in need and placing a spiritual demand upon the resources of Heaven to manifest in the earth.

We asked, “Can you explain to me how this would feel to the recipient?” She told us, “A bond is usually given where there is a strong enforcement of a request that ties two things together. It links two parties with a legal agreement.”

The Classroom

At this point we felt we needed more detailed instruction. We respectfully requested if a tutor was available who could teach us about bonds and how to utilize them. We pointed out that we were requesting information on bonds from a legal standpoint.

We were directed to a place in the Courts of Heaven that seemed to be a classroom. As we entered, we saw computer screens on desks and a tutor ready to teach us. This tutor was not an angel but rather one of the Men in White Linen. He began teaching us about bonds. We were able to have an interchange for about an hour. We will be unveiling what was revealed to us in the coming pages.

Categories of Bonds

Two categories of bonds exist we were told: legal & non-legal (emotional bonds). However, not all emotional bonds are illegal as we will discover later.

Legal bonds create a legal bond of the spirit. It achieves the effect of a net where the need of the recipient is the net that is enabled to catch the resources of Heaven as they are released to the earth. A bond carries things between two parties. It helps ease the burden of one party through the desire of the other party. It creates an arrangement through which the angelic can move and it routes resources in certain directions. These are the positive ways to utilize a bond in the realm of Heaven we were told.

Our tutor continued unveiling details about bonds that we knew were going to be life changing. We were in awe of the experience we were having as well as the depth of the information we were receiving. Next, he began unveiling the various types of bonds and how to implement them. Let’s discover this together!


You have been reading from Chapter 1 of Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven which is available in Paperback, PDF, and Kindle Editions from

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