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Trading From Heaven's Perspective

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

"Would you like a lesson on Heaven's commerce and trade?” That was the question coming from the Help Desk as we once again continued exploring the Business Complex.

“Yes,” we replied, whereupon we soon found ourselves in a conference room. "We would like instruction on Heaven’s Commerce and Trade,” Donna explained. “I'm not even sure what we're looking for. We're open to anything that you want to share with us that you feel we need to help fill out our understanding.”

A man walked into the room carrying what appeared to be an encyclopedia. He immediately began to teach us concerning trade.

“Trade from Heaven's realm is galactic. It spreads through all universes, all timelines, and all dimensions. It is accessed by faith in Jesus Christ, the Son.

You can engage this trade on many levels. Your spirit is active in trade in night seasons when your soul and flesh are asleep. A believer's spirit, having been awakened to the Holy Spirit, and in conjunction with the indwelling spirit, is made alive unto God, and that spirit then begins to go on assignments based on the kingdom of God. Sometimes Holy Spirit has come to you in your dreams and you can see the trades in the dream. They are the type of dreams that are often easily forgotten or last only momentarily upon awakening.

Your spirit is the active part of you that trades in Heavenly realms.

You can step into your spirit and accomplish visits any time, but many of the saints have not known this, or if they have known it, they don't call it trade; they call it by other names. Sometimes they refer to it as the prophetic, which is really not a most accurate way to view this.

Sometimes the trade from the spirit realm is actually a prophetic Word, bringing a trade of Heaven into the earth realm.

The saints of God are assigned to this. The saints of God are associated with this work. This is the work of hands and deeds.

However, the working out of trade routes and trading floors, and the activity of trade from Heaven, if you begin in Heaven first, you're always going to see it manifest in the earth realm secondarily.

People have not known what was manifesting was a trade they had made in Heaven.
Their spirit made it on behalf of their soul and flesh, especially if they are awakened soldiers of the Lord.

In scripture this is often referred to as the armies of God, as the saints are operating as the armies of God, but looking at it through the lens of Ambassadors of the Kingdom of God is a much more keen and focused way to view it. Yes, sometimes there are war-like things that must be done through the spirit realm.

Trade from Heaven is the work of the sons of God in the ambassadorial status that they hold in the earth realm.

This begins to change the earth and will ultimately completely change it.

The trading floors of Heaven can be associated with the unctions of the Holy Spirit and the work in the spirit realm. The carrying out of courtroom work is often essential to this at some level.

Even a nominal trade in the earth realm has a counterpart in the Courts of Heaven.
You could not make a trade in the earth realm if the Courts of Heaven realm had not been active on your behalf.

The inter-relatedness of this cannot be underestimated or understated.

There has been grace from the Father on this for so long, simply because the Bride has been blinded, veiled, and had her hearing cutoff.

As the Bride's senses are awakening and she gains knowledge and understanding of who she really is, and the work of the season in which she is alive in the earth realm, this change in paradigm is gaining momentum exponentially.

Do you remember the season called the ‘Word of Faith movement?” Even this was an activity engaging trading floors of Heaven, albeit at a very immature stage. The Father not being one to allow you to stay immature for long (as His desire is to grow His sons up in every way), that season began to end and new seasons and ages came. As the Bride experiences these nuances of change from the Father that He releases into the earth, she grows more keen and understanding of what the work that she is here to do actually is. This can be seen through what you call the movements of the church in the earth age.

The trading floors of Heaven exist to expand the kingdom of God, not only in the earth realm but in the unseen galactic areas as well.

This is extremely little known but pioneers and forerunners are beginning to launch into it. For your purposes, and especially for the purposes of your students, this is not necessarily needed by them at this point in time. A more grounded experience in the realms of Heaven from commerce, as you have learned through the writing of your book, is a good place for beginners to begin and concentrate on. The galactic areas of trade are going to be revealed as seasons come. And as further revelation is revealed to the saints who are operating in the realms of Heaven, they will be the first to know and begin to sense an opening of that door. However, that is a very narrow way at in this moment.

[This is an excerpt from the Foreword of Dr. Ron's forthcoming book, "Building Your Business from Heaven Down". Look for future excerpts.]

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