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Trading From Heaven's Perspective (Part 2)

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Would you like a lesson on Heaven's commerce and trade? That was the question Heaven asked of us recently. This is part 2 of the lessons we learned.

The Majority Need

For you to remain in your course right now and to operate from the majority need, would be the Father's preference. The majority need right now is to understand that the realms of Heaven can be accessed for what you call natural commerce, natural trade, and natural business. We have such a great need for the Bride to begin to access this given inheritance to her and as of yet, little is being done.

We have seen much attempt of the Bride, in her attempt to do this, but often she enters in with demands as a young, small child versus coming in to weigh upon what Heaven could impart to her and could help her with. She often has her own list of wants and needs when Heaven would not agree with that -- just like a parent would not agree that candy is the meal of the day.

But there is all grace and mercy for this as we know the Bride is simply growing up. What you've learned about the Business Complex of Heaven is going to seem fantastical to many. It's going to seem unconnected to them. They're going to have a hard time connecting it to their reality. Thus, we have to continue to remind the believers that this is a faith activity. It is also a worship activity. It is also a divinely written -- you would call these scrolls and books -- activity of the saints.

The Kingdom of God, because it is governmentally based, sometimes trips up the members of the Bride because they're unsure how business and government match together. But when you explained the access to the Complex of Business and trade here, and the offsetting of what is able to be learned and married to the revelation of the courtroom access that the Bride has, you begin to see how those two things will work in conjunction to gain the desired outcome.

Thus, it's not simply where the Bride brings her list of wants and needs, but it is the sitting down together, to gain understanding and strategy, to work out from the courts what needs to be worked out, where resistances and the hindrances are in that and by receiving verdicts so that the ability, the realm of business and trade, is eased in the earth realm.

Humanity has done this backwards and for a long time and has actually muddled their swift growing up by not recognizing the spirit realm and its desire to assist and to help in these ways. But that's changing! Even now, the Bride and its members are meant to be the shining example of this manner of existence, so that the unbelievers begin to know the awe of the access that you have to Heaven. Where they even see they don't have this access. This results in their desiring the Kingdom and opens their gates to the work of Holy Spirit, first for salvation, then for the working out of all parts of their redemption within their own bloodlines, and their activity and the activity of their family.

The Centrality of Heaven

What cannot be underestimated is the centrality of the Heavenly realm to one's daily activity in business and commerce on the earth.

The heavenly realm is to be central to one's daily activity in business and commerce on the earth.

Some have known this through legal means through the working out of their own attempt at power and profaning worship. It's sad, but sometimes the Bride has to learn from what the enemy is playing out, beginning to see what they have not because they have not known their ability to access what they have.

It's time for the Bride to understand that she needs no longer be blinded, because the working out of this from the evil realm, from the realm of darkness; its time is short, but it has had a field day plundering the Bride from the spiritual realms resources that are actually reserved for the Bride. All of Heaven recognizes a pivotal change must take place and the illumination of the Bride so that she can take her rightful place to operate from these realms. The resources of Heaven are plenteous and readily available, but little accessed.

It's unfortunate that those who are accessing these resources from spiritual realms, access it through illegal means and plunder what has been given to the Bride.

Heaven has a great interest in seeing a basic book, such as the one you're writing, begin to be disseminated among the Bride for her consideration, for it will take some time of processing before the minds of these believers access by faith the information you are writing. It will confront their understanding. It will cause some to hunger. Some it will cause to be motivated simply because they begin to realize what they have been missing out on and their anger at having been befuddled by the enemy will begin to play out for their good. Some will simply be unable to receive, having been captured by demonic plots and the outworking of injustice within the bloodlines.

Some will simply have to continue in their ignorance until they step on this side of the veil forever, whereupon they will be welcomed to know what we know and will receive the unction they could have had in the earth realm but refused to agree with or were locked down by their ignorance as it played out against their life.

The Father doesn't have a judgment against these but looks forward to that day where they operate from this side of the veil with us to help the Bride. Many are reserved for that, even as they are in their ignorance in the earth, so we don't have anything against them. We simply wait out their scroll and their time of stepping into Heaven.

[This is the second excerpt from the Foreword of Dr. Ron's forthcoming book, Building Your Business from Heaven Down. Look for future excerpts.]

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