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Trading From Heaven's Perspective (Part 3)

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Would you like a lesson on Heaven's commerce and trade? That was the question Heaven asked of us recently. This is Part 3 of the lessons we learned.

Access is Free

Many believers look for this realm of Heaven not knowing their spirit can access it freely. They long for it from their soul being blinded that the operation of the soul will never achieve the realms of Heaven on its own. Many have been caught in religiosity and its futile attempts to break down barriers that can only be broken down by the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit awakening the Bride's individual members.

Some saints have seen the resources of Heaven. Some have seen warehouses of fantastical things such access for healing where body parts are available, or blueprints of many things. The challenge is to keep pressing in for these things. You were much thwarted in this even though you may not realize the level of resistance that you're operating under. At the same time, the amount of angelic assignment to help you gain this presently in the earth realm is at work too.

Many have ascertained some of this simply through the pressing in of worship, through the pressing in of fasting, or through pressing in of whatever way they could think to gain more access. But the Father's heart is to help these understand the simplicity of stepping into realms of Heaven through Jesus, the Son, and your activity by faith in this realm; you are a spirit gaining strength and endurance to do this. Even as you, Donna, have understood the paradigm about what the flesh goes through when you spend times like this in Heavenly realms – when you spend time or extended time in Heavenly realms. You'll notice the strength your soul and spirit and flesh gain; eventually it plays out differently and you gain the strength and endurance to stay in Heavenly realms longer and with less effect on the flesh. We have help for you here each time you come.

The ability to trade first from Heaven and then in the earth realm is extensive and more than you could think or know, more than you could hope or imagine. It's okay to imagine large and hope for big, but the mature saint comes into realms of Heaven to know what is available to them that day, so that they can access what is being made available.

The immature saint comes in either with a laundry list of needs or with little understanding of the vast resources of Heaven to which they have access. Some come in still wearing the vestige of fear. This is mostly due to their soul while their spirit is hungry to engage this realm. It is that vestment of fear that their soul wears that makes their time here difficult, small, and laborious.

The grace the Father gives for that is the greater the length of time they press in or seek after the Kingdom, the less hard or laborious it is each time. What the Father would will is that the Bride encourage one another in these things, helping those who are still young and immature, as you are doing, and stirring up their faith by testimony of what you have received here.

This goes further than you think in helping those who are blinded by existing covenants of darkness within their bloodline or simply because they are ignorant and have not been taught. Stir up one anothers' faith with the testimonies of the realms of Heaven. This in itself is a spiritual trade. This in itself brings glory to the Father. Began to think in paradigms of trade. This is a large leap of faith, but it's the type of leap that brings great result -- to begin to train one's mind to think in terms of trade, for this is how the realms of Heaven operate. Think in terms of the government of the Heavenly realm and its effect in all other realms and the movement of resources from the Heavenly realm to the earth realm by faith. The language of trade is a new language to gain in this decade.

The resistance to operating from realms of Heaven will always be the natural realm, but as you learn to eat more from the fruit of the Tree of Life that is in the Heavenly realm, the less you will hunger after the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. As that hunger craving changes, it will translate to spending more time receiving from Heaven in realms of Heaven. It is even now and has been.”

With that, out time together was over. We asked if the individual speaking with us could introduce himself and were told that his name is James and his role involved the equipping of the saints.

“Thank you, James, for your assistance,” we remarked.

We informed him, of what he probably already knew, that we would likely return for more of his help.

I asked, “Is this to be included in the book?” “Yes,” he said, “This is a good overall summary to go with the beginning as it provides motivation for those who read.”

Thus, you are reading one of our many forays into the realms of Heaven as we sought information for this book. May you be enriched, challenged, and changed as you read these pages and may you excel in your work for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our ability to engage Heaven in this manner is discussed briefly in the Appendix to this book. Each time you pick up this book, before beginning to read, we invite you to speak to your soul, telling it to back up and calling your spirit to come forth. In order to receive revelation it is best to step into the place where the revelation came from – the realms of Heaven.

If you are not familiar with this practice, pause now and read the chapter in the Appendix, “Accessing the Realms of Heaven.”

When you have been able to engage Heaven in a similar manner, it will help you to understand the process we experienced in the writing of this book. In the process of writing this book, Donna, my assistant, and I engaged Heaven regularly and conversed with and learned from men and women in white linen who enlightened us concerning the Business Complex of Heaven and other pertinent matters. May revelation explode within you as you build your business from Heaven down!

[This is the third excerpt from the Foreword of Dr. Ron's forthcoming book, "Building Your Business from Heaven Down". Look for future excerpts.]

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