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Types of Bonds - Part 1

From Chapter 2 of Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven, Dr. Ron unveils what has been discovered in the realms of Heaven about this powerful spiritual force!


sat in the classroom as our instructor began unveiling a few of the many types of bonds available. Although I had been working in the Courts of Heaven for several years these understanding were just now being released to us. We knew this information was massively significant for this time. What we are about to share is precisely as it was shared with us. We would have to unpack specifics of this revelation later. The first type of bond to be unveiled in this segment was the Clarity Bond.

Clarity Bond

A release of a functionality of clarity, vision, and/or expectation. It is attached to a record and an account. Clarity is a substance of heaven and can be released from Heaven.

We know from Hebrews 11:1[1] that faith is a substance and we were now shown that many more things are substances than we had previously considered. As a bond is a legal matter from Heaven it ensures that angelic hosts can affect the change on the earth. (it backs them up).

A Clarity Bond can be requested in the courts by anyone and upon being granted, it releases to the other party a degree of clarity that is otherwise unlikely to be obtained.

An example of a clarity bond is how it grants wisdom for actualizing unknown things.

I asked our tutor, “Do we need a Clarity Bond for what we are doing right now?” His reply was that it was useful but not required. Because I was pressed for time (it was a few minutes after five in the afternoon and I had a class to teach at seven (and this was going to be the subject), I opted out of the Bond of Clarity at that time. I intended to return to obtain one later.

Writ of Release

A Writ of Release effectuates a release of resources that another party can encounter but is based on the faith of the initiating party. All the bonds we were to discover were based seemingly on the one with stronger faith obtaining a bond to release the resources of Heaven for someone whose faith was weaker.

Emotional Bonds

Emotional Bonds can be requested by one party to another such as in the case of a married couple. It utilizes the faith of one toward another. It links the two. It operates somewhat like an enabling. (In case your mind tells you that being an enabler is a negative thing we were told at that point that in Heaven it is not a negative thing.) It enables the recipient to enjoy the relationship with the other party.

Maternal Bonds

Another type of positive emotional bond can be between a mother and her children. It employs the emotional avenue to release an enjoyment of “what should be” based on the faith of the initiating party. God designed that mothers have a special bond with their children. It initiates during the pregnancy and upon delivery of the baby the first few moments are crucial to the bonding of the parents to the child. Sometimes this cannot happen so it needs to be reinforced later and the means of obtaining a Maternal Bond can help establish what God originally intended for that mother and child.

Often marriages go through rough spots and the couples become distant from one another. If your marriage needs some help, ask someone with a stronger marriage to request in the courts a Bond of Unity regarding your marriage. Sometimes a Bond of Clarity is helpful to refocus one or both of the parties to their love for each other.

At this point we paused to ask, “Can you tell me how this is used? In the Father’s Kingdom is a bond used to protect one’s self or as a weapon against the enemy? When would you use one?”

How or when is this used?

In the case of the emotional bond, it is used weapon-like but is off-putting to the enemy and can be seen in the spirit. It may not be apparent initially in the natural arena, but it is very apparent in the realm of the spirit. It links a stronger faith to a weaker faith. It helps effectuate an ability to believe. It is from one party to another.

So that is how it releases resources as well. A strong believer initiating a bond of a substance of Heaven’s resources to another releases that through their faith for the resources of the Kingdom (whatever the need is) for the benefit of the weaker in faith. Whether it is of the resources of Heaven, love between a husband and wife, or love of the brethren or affection between parents and children, it enables the weaker party to receive from the storehouses of Heaven based on the initiating parties request. It is likened to standing in the gap.

[1] Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


This segment continues the series on spiritual bonds from Dr. Ron's recent book, Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven which is available in Paperback, PDF and Kindle Editions from

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