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Prayer of Release
from the Anglican Curse

During the early days of Anglicanism, the Church of England and the King imposed extreme consequences on those deemed heretical, traitorous, and troublemakers. As a consequence of these pronouncements upon a person, they would often be excommunicated, faced financial consequences, social disfigurement, and more. These curses need to be resolved in the Courts of Heaven – specifically the Court of Cancellation. This prayer will help if you have found yourself:

  • Alienated from the church

  • A social outcast

  • Surviving, but not thriving financially

  • Felt labeled a troublemaker, heretic, traitor, or the like.


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Prayer of Release
from the Queen of Heaven


The Queen of Heaven attacks your essence and seeks to dominate your life and ministry. You don’t have to let it.

Prayer of Release from the Queen of Heaven


Prayer of Release
from the Anti-Christ Spirit


The anti-christ spirit attacks the person and seeks to kill the influence, or abilities of the believer. This prayer can help you find freedom.

Prayer of Release from the Anti-Christ Spirit


Prayer of Release from Soul Ties

Utilize the divorce court to find freedom from soul ties of all kinds, not merely those related to marriage.

Prayer of Release from Breaking Soul Ties

Prayers of Release - Covenants Within Contracts

Arthur Burk has excellent resources related to the concept of Covenants within Contracts. We have adapted a few of his prayers for a courtroom scenario. To find his prayers, visit:

Covenant Within Contract-Birth

Covenant Within Contract-Childcare

Covenant Within Contract-Schools

Covenant Within Contract-Extra-Curricular Activities

Prayer Resources from Dan Duval

Dan and his team have developed many powerful prayers. Although many of the prayers in this section are designed outside the Courts of Heaven paradigm, they are still quite effective. They are too numerous to include on this page. Here is the link:

Bride Movement Prayer Resources


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