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Dr. Ron Horner has authored over a dozen books primarily related to the Courts of Heaven prayer paradigm. Some editions also contain Leaders' Guides & Workbooks.


Courts of Heaven Series
Courts of Heaven Series
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Engaging the Mercy Court of Heaven – An introduction to the Courts of Heaven prayer paradigm including the scriptural background for the Courts of Heaven and how to operate in the Mercy Court of Heaven. More details!

Four Keys to Dismantling Accusations - An abbreviated version of Engaging the Mercy Court of Heaven focused on helping you gain victory over accusations. More details!

Engaging the Courts for Ownership & Order - Introducing you to the concept of spiritual ownership claims, whether titles, deeds, liens, leases, or notes. Heaven has solutions for you. More details!

Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven - A recent release that unveils the power of spiritual bonds and their impact on the lives of believers and the church at large. Learn how to identify and remove ungodly bonds and get godly bonds working in your life. More details!

Dealing with Trusts & Consequential Liens - Delve into the revelation concerning trusts and consequential liens. Dig in and find out how to access the trusts of Heaven for your life. More details!

Engaging the Help Desk of the Courts of Heaven - This book will help you learn to navigate the Court System of Heaven by engaging the Help Desk. Don't know where to go? Ask the Help Desk. More details!

​Engaging the Courts of Heaven - Dealing with 14 different courts within the Courts of Heaven, this book will help you explore more deeply the Courts of Heaven. More details!

Engaging the Courts for Your City - Discover how to engage the Courts of Heaven to see change in your city, state, or nation. This book also has a Leader's Guide as well as a workbook. More details!

Engaging the Courts of Healing & the Healing Gardens - Heaven has healing available for you but you need to know how to maximize your engagement with these resources of Heaven. More details!

Courts of Heaven Process Charts - A collection of all the Process Charts developed to date to help you navigate successfully in the Courts of Heaven. More details!



False Verdicts Series

​Overcoming Verdicts from the Courts of Hell - Unveiling the concept of false verdicts and Heaven's means of getting every false verdict overturned in the Courts of Heaven and replaced with a righteous verdict. More details!

Overcoming the False Verdicts of Freemasonry - Every degree level has false verdicts that empower that degree. Discover what they are and step into a new place of freedom. More than a renunciation book, this book will truly bring you to a place of freedom. More details!

Freedom from Mithraism - The false religion of Mithraism has been largely hidden from the body of Christ, yet its tentacles reach deep into the Catholic church as well as non-Catholic traditions. Find relief via the Courts of Heaven from the impact this has had upon your life. More Details!

Engaging Heaven Series

Cooperating with The Glory - We can operate out of our personal anointing or we can engage the Glory of God for unlimited results. Learn this powerful dynamic! More details!

Unlocking Spiritual Seeing - Are you having trouble seeing in the spirit? This book has helped thousands find freedom in the arena of spiritual sight. Find out what has been blocking you. More details!

Engaging Angels in the Realms of Heaven - Discover the difference between a guardian angel and your personal angel. Find out how to learn your angel's name. Learn how to activate and work with your angel. More Details!

Commissioning Angels - Empowering your angels through co-laboring and commissioning to certain tasks will result in more powerful results and expansion of the Kingdom of God in the earth. (Coming Summer 2022)

Engaging Heaven for Revelation - Over 200 pages filled with fresh revelations from Heaven from engagements with angels and men and women in white linen. More Details!

Living Spirit Forward - Living from our spirit is the way Heaven designed us to live with our spirit in first place. Join us on the amazing adventure of Living Spirit Forward! More Details!

Heaven Down Series

Building Your Business from Heaven Down - Dr. Ron's release helping you identify and utilize the resources of Heaven for building your business or ministry. An entirely fresh paradigm for business building. More details!

Building Your Business from Heaven Down 2.0 - This book contains more revelation regarding the Heaven Down business paradigm and helps the reader understand more foundational building blocks for engaging Heaven’s release of how you conduct your business from Heaven Down. Find out more!

General Books

Lingering Human Spirits (Volume 1) - This book offers completely fresh possibilities for freedom and largely redefines deliverance as we know it - simply by accepting the words of Jesus in Matthew 12 and Luke 11. More details!

Lingering Human Spirits (Volume 2) – This book expounds on lessons and techniques learned while assisting lingering human persons in their transition to begin their destiny in Heaven. (Coming Summer 2022)

Lets Get it Right! - Much of our church government structures today are a far cry from New Testament models. How can we hope to achieve what the early church accomplished when our model is so far removed from New Testament pattern. Find out how to address that problem with this book. More details!


These books are available in paperback, PDF, Kindle formats.

False Verdicts Series
Engaging Heaven Series
Heaven Down Series
General Books
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In order to serve our customers we have to utilize a number of vendors to provide the products. We do not have the manpower to be a shipping and distribution facility, therefore we use third-parties when feasible to provide our products.

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If you are purchasing a paperback or spiral book, you will be re-directed to They are our printing and fulfillment service. They have provided quality service to us and our customers for many years.

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Releasing Bonds

Process Charts - To facilitate learning how to navigate the Courts of Heaven, Dr. Ron  has developed Process Charts for many of his courts related books. These will help you go from start to finish in a step by step fashion to maximize your experiences and results in the Courts of Heaven. Some are free, others have a small fee. Access the Process Charts.

Prayer Resources - Drawn from personally developed tools as well as the work of other ministries, these tools will help you step into freedom. Access the Prayer Resources.

CourtsNet - Online training courses for your personal growth and walk with God. Visit

CourtsNet Facilitator Training - Our CourtsNet Facilitator Training Program is an online weekly school designed to train advocates for ministry in the Courts of Heaven via online coaching sessions. This program begins each January and last for eleven months. Find out more! - Containing a vast library of video material including that from our conferences and weekly Mentoring Class, you can learn a great deal about operating in the Courts of Heaven. Access the site

COH Mentoring Class - Conducted weekly via Zoom, this free class focuses on teaching how to operate in the Courts of Heaven. Register now!

YouTube Channel (CourtsOfHeavenWebinar) - We have some of our video resources available on YouTube although most video resources will be available at Visit our YouTube Channel.

Videos of some of our teachings are available for purchase from our website. These are download only. Find out more!

Audios - Audios of some of our conferences and teachings are available for purchase from our website also. These are download only. Find out more!

Seminar/Conference Sets

You'll find some of our conferences or series of teachings available for download on our site as well. Find out more!

Podcasts - Dr. Ron has been interviewed multiple times by Dan Duval as well as other broadcasters. These interviews are available from this site. Access the Podcasts.

MUSIC: by Adina Horner - Recorded at various conferences, these melodies will lift you to heavenly realms. Visit


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